SKF Cooper Bearing Applications

17 August, 2022

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SKF Cooper bearings have been at the forefront of split roller bearing technology since 1894 and are versatile components employed internationally across multifarious industries and applications.

Why SKF Cooper split bearing units?

The multiple benefits of SKF Cooper bearing units reign supreme over conventional bearings: 

  • Reduced maintenance with simple assembly: SKF Cooper split bearing units can be inspected, dismounted, and refitted without having to disassemble surrounding equipment or machinery.
  • Immense cost savings: Case studies have demonstrated that the level of saving increases on a monthly basis, proving that even in the toughest operating conditions, a SKF Cooper split roller bearing is a guaranteed return on investment.
  • Enhanced bearing lifespan:  Increased load ratings and longer operational life with higher safety margins. Superior sealing reduces contamination. 
  • Reduced worker injury:  Reduced maintenance requirements mean that the chance of worker injury is greatly reduced when using SKF Cooper split-bearing units
  • Compatibility: Comprehensive range of mountings meets most application requirements from the standard range with no on-site adjustments required.  


SKF Cooper split bearings are utilised in a multitude of industries and applications across the globe. 

This includes applications such as:

  • mechanical handling
  • winding gear
  • process equipment
  • ancillary equipment
  • hydro turbines
  • marine propulsion shafts
  • water screens
  • and wind turbines

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