Six Reasons to Use Cooper Split Bearings in Industrial Applications

25 October, 2023

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In the intricate realm of industrial machinery and processes, the importance of selecting premium-grade components cannot be overstated. 

Among these crucial components, bearings play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of machinery. 

SKF’s Cooper Split Bearings stand as a beacon of unsurpassed quality and efficacy in this arena. 

Here are six reasons why integrating SKF’s Cooper Split Bearings into your industrial operations is a recipe for success:

1. Superior Installation Efficiency

Standard solid bearings, while functional, can provide installation complications. Cooper Split Bearings, on the other hand, presents a novel design: a two-part assembly that effortlessly encircles the shaft without the need for a substantial setup. This design not only eliminates the possibility of damage during installation but also considerably minimises the time and resources required.

2. Cost-Effective with Long-Term ROI

A balanced equation of quality and cost-efficiency is always sought after in the industrial sphere, and Cooper Split Bearings delivers exactly that. Their design lowers the mean time to repair (MTTR) by two-thirds by eliminating the need to disassemble and reassemble machinery and the need for heavy-duty lifting equipment during installation, resulting in considerable cost savings. Furthermore, their durability and reduced maintenance frequency ensure that the total cost of ownership is significantly diminished over time.

3. Longer Service Life

The longevity of components is a major concern in the industry. Cooper Split Bearings, emanating from the trusted SKF lineage, are synonymous with durability. Their prolonged service life minimises the frequency of replacements, showcasing the high engineering and quality standards for which SKF is renowned.

4. Interchangeable and Compatible

The dynamic nature of the industry often demands adaptable solutions, with Cooper Split Bearings efficiently fulfilling this need. Compatible with a wide range of shaft materials, they are an ideal fit for various settings.  What’s more, their versatility extends even further to retrofitting applications, making the transition from traditional bearings seamless.

5. Designed for Challenging Environments

Industrial settings, particularly in mining, mineral processing, cement, paper, metals, and sugar, can be extremely demanding. However, Cooper Split Bearings have been engineered to withstand these rigors. Their robust design enables consistent performance even under the most onerous operational conditions.

6. Wide Range of Applications and Uses

The utility of Cooper Split Bearings is not restricted to a single application. They have demonstrated their worth across a variety of applications, including conveyor pulleys, rope sheaves, bucket elevators, stackers/reclaimers, and more. Their diverse applications highlight their versatility, making them an integral solution for a broad spectrum of industrial purposes.

Watch how SKF reduced downtime & costs for a steel producer with their Cooper Split Bearings

The video provides a clear take on the tangible benefits these bearings deliver. It showcases how a steel manufacturer turned to SKF after experiencing recurring unplanned downtimes due to bearing failures in their mill’s converters. 

By incorporating SKF Cooper Split Spherical Roller Bearings, the steel producer was able to reduce repair time by approximately 70%, realising a total cost of ownership savings of more than $350,000.


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