Our Service Channels

While Bearings 2000 is one company, we operate through three distinct service channels (as opposed to sales channels) serving the needs of the MRO, OEM and reseller markets.

We appreciate that our customers require a range of service offerings, and that value means something different to our three customer types.

Each service channel is run as a separate business unit focused on providing a simplified, friction-free buying experience in its own unique way.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM division)

The Bearings 2000 OEM division is all about the reliability and quality of product, backed up by the exceptional support that all our clients deserve.

Any equipment or machinery is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Having said that, any single sub-par part negatively affects the entire machine. Bearings 2000’s role in your business is to ensure that your equipment is better than your competitors’ through the superior supply of quality parts.