Schaeffler’s new Roller Bearing Catalogue HR1 – available now

04 November, 2019
— Bearings 2000

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As an authorised distributor of Schaeffler’s products (which include the FAG and INA brands), we are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase the Roller Bearing HR1 catalogue (Technical principles and product data for the design of rolling bearing arrangements)

The Schaeffler Group is regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer of bearings, their wide portfolio offers products and solutions that power a wide range of industries.

Their latest catalogue is a testament to their reputation, expertise, knowledge and offerings.

As our sales director, Michael Stamatiadis shares, “The guide is considered the best bearing catalogue released to-date. This in terms of important product information with an emphasis on ease of reference. We strongly encourage our customers to use it in order to understand the products on offer and how they apply to their needs.”

Catalogue HR1 features

The Catalogue HR 1 is an important information tool. selection and advisory tool for the technical issues relating to the wide-ranging field of rotary rolling bearings.

Since the first edition, the catalogue has become popular worldwide and is regarded as an important engineering compendium for the calculation and design of rolling bearing arrangements.

The purpose of the guide is to assist with bearing selections (including the largest range of products) and identifying fundamental information about bearings. 

In addition, it is filled with the most comprehensive information and data to help understand the fitting and maintenance of your bearings. 

What’s new

  • A completely revised edition compared to the previous edition
  • A big focus has been placed on the ease-of-use for customers combined with the various updates to the technical information and the addition of new products 
  • This is illustrated via easier to find information; pictograms enabling better understanding of the data and descriptions; Clear and concise selection matrices at the beginning of each product chapter which helps designers understanding whether the bearing is appropriate for the respective application
  • The structure of the dimension tables also now follow the standard practice in the design of a roller bearing attachment

Level of technology and manufacture

It is important to note that the data in the catalogue is representative of the current level of technology and manufacture as of June 2018

They reflect not only progress in rolling bearing technology but also the experience gathered from numerous applications. Any data in earlier publications that do not correspond to the data in this catalogue are therefore invalid.

How to order

The catalogue is available to order for R200 (ex VAT) through Bearings 2000. You can order it by simply sending an email to or contacting your sales representative. 


If you act fast, we will be giving away ten copies of the catalogue to our first ten customers who order. If you are in the lucky number ten, we will send a copy your way. 

Please note you must be a Bearings 2000 customer to qualify for giveaway copies, maximum 1 per customer.

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