Running, collaboration and teamwork in Cape Town

29 October, 2019
— George Plowman

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The Cape Town branch has been particularly industrious in their teamwork initiatives of late. George Plowman (Cape Town Branch Manager) shares…

The 2019 Gun Run

Our 2019 Gun Run participants. We loved seeing the energy and enthusiasm shown by our team

The Capetonian representatives recently participated in the annual Gun Run for the second consecutive year. While many perceived the event as a “fun run”, there were some that reigned supreme: Grant Samuels finished in an impressive 1st place, Charles May in 2nd, Darron Uys in 3rd and Muzi Dlambulo in 4th. Our team spirit shone through with everyone partaking and crossing the finish line in high spirits. Needless to say, much fun was had by all fellow South Africans. Perhaps next year we could give the Jo’burg branch a run for their money?

The team escape

The team also partook in an escape room where people need to work in teams to find clues and formulate ways to exit a room within a limited amount of time. The game intended to get team players better acquainted with one another outside of the work environment and encourage them to interact in a fun way as a team unit, essentially building unity, enhancing communication skills and learning aspects about each other beyond the office dimensions. 

It went without saying that they fully embraced the event and came out the other end with a greater understanding of not only each other but themselves. It was interesting to observe the natural leaders amongst the team and determine where their skills can best be utilised in the work setting, thereby creating more value for the business and ultimately increased job satisfaction for the employees in question. 

The Bearings 2000 Cape Town team photo at the escape room

The escape room was a fantastic opportunity to apply tactics and concepts that are used in a business context and has encouraged us to continue improving the way we do things at Bearings 2000.

A strong sense of community

At Bearings we believe that one of the most valuable assets of a business is its people. Empowering employees to grow, learn and experience creates a positive business culture as this resonates throughout an entity’s service offering, thereby instilling confidence in both clients and stakeholders. 

The nature of our industry requires us to provide consistent value for our clients, which in turn demands a large element of teamwork. Our robust team culture attests to our achievement in this regard. 

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