Product focus: FAG’s new generation of bearing heaters

15 September, 2019
— Bearings 2000

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Product focus: FAG’s new generation of bearing heaters

Did you know?

A common cause of bearing failures result from incorrect fitting or mounting of bearings.

Conventional methods of installing bearings on shafts are by using mechanical methods (such as a rubber mullet). This method has been known to often cause damage to the bearings and shafts resulting in premature bearing failure. 

When a tight fit onto a shaft is required, induction heating is superior to conventional methods of heating such as using a heating furnace, a heating plate or an oil bath. The role of induction heaters have become increasingly important in ensuring the correct fitting (or mounting) of the bearings to a shaft while increasing convenience, safety and efficiency. 

It is recommended that any organization making regular use of bearings with shaft sizes greater than 80mm consider introducing a bearing heater into their workshop, we have seen many of our electric motor and pump repairing customers order heaters recently. 

The Schaeffler Group, a leading global manufacturer of rolling bearings, has recently introduced a new range of FAG bearing heaters into their lineup. Bearings 2000 is a proud distributor of the full range of FAG/INA products supplied by the Schaeffler Group.

How does the bearing heater work?

An induction heater generates a strong electromagnetic field which is used to heat up the bearing. The bearing steel expands due to the heat allowing the bearing to slide over the shaft when installing. Once the bearing is in position on the shaft it will begin to cool and thus contract onto the shaft resulting in a tight fit. 

FAG Bearing Heaters

FAG has recently introduced a new generation and range of state-of-the-art induction heaters. 

These products are revolutionizing the market with the delivery of record-breaking efficiency values making them the undisputed market leaders.

Why FAG?

  • High performance and low energy consumption with 30 – 50% time-saving on the heating process whilst ensuring minimal impact on the environment.
  • An intuitive touchscreen ensuring user-friendly control of its operations.
  • Delta-T control for safe heating – with four different heating methods to choose from and a Delta-T control standard, this ensures damages to the bearings are effectively prevented.
  • Sizes – The heaters come in different sizes. The most popular size is the HEATER 50 which can heat bearings of up to 50kgs and outer diameter of up to 400mm.
  • A 12-month warranty and training are provided for the product.


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