Lift higher (and safer) with Elite Leaf Chains

18 March, 2024

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B2K is the exclusive South African distributor for IWIS Drive Systems. 

This includes the Elite brand of Leaf chains, offering reliable solutions for lifting equipment and forklifts across various applications.

Forklifts and lifting gear are pivotal in ensuring efficient material flow within businesses. They operate in diverse environments, facing various weather conditions and demanding tasks. Therefore, the chains used in this equipment must meet stringent safety standards while delivering optimal performance.

Unlike roller chains, leaf chains consist solely of pins and plates, offering exceptional breaking forces and reliability. Elite leaf chains are engineered to transport loads reliably, adapt to individual customer requirements, and comply with the rigorous standards of European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

B2K offers the following range of Elite leaf chains:

  • Series LL (F) Lightweight Design: Compliant with European standard ISO 4347 and DIN 8152
  • Series AL Lightweight Design: Adhering to the American standard, with dimensions as per DIN 8188
  • Series LH (BL) Reinforced Design: Meeting American standard requirements and compliant with ISO 4347 and DIN 8152

We are also able to accommodate various customisations such as chains with anchor plates, threaded inserts, roller chain connectors and specialised leaf chains with hose routings and hydraulic mast guards.

Contact us to learn more about how Elite Leaf Chains can enhance your lifting operations and ensure the safety of your people and goods.

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