Internship Program – “Opportunity & Youth Merge”

12 March, 2019
— by Elayne Kukkola

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South Africa is a country filled with youth just waiting for a chance to show the world their potential.

Bearings 2000 has heard their cry and embarked on a journey with them to give hope to all young people with the ability to dream and the courage to try.

The program was decided upon during a recruitment drive for new internal sales personnel at our Head office branch in Germiston. When after weeks of sorting through hundreds of CV’s, we realised that most of them were either too qualified or not given enough opportunity to further their studies or gain the necessary work experience.

A handful had gone through unsuccessfully internship or learner-ship programs that left them with little to show for their efforts.

We then came to the realisation that we could be the second chance for these promising young people to provide them a glimpse of hope and in the process also find a suitable person to add to our company’s team.

Our strong management team interviewed many young candidates from all walks of life with the only prerequisite being having a Matric certificate. The selected initial five candidates began with an intensive in-house training program (administration, logistics, warehousing and sales) until it became mutually clear in which department the intern would be best suited. Every department head made sure that the intern understood the workings of their department and what would be expected of them if they were to join that department.

Thereafter the thorough training and mentor-ship of the intern started from theory, product training, industry overview and online training to ERP system training and hands on product training.

Below are the short stories of two successful interns at Bearings 2000.

Noxolo was the first Bearings 2000 intern to come on board at the age of 24.  With a healthy academic achievement in hand, she tried to make her way in life. In 2017 her fixed term contract expired with her previous company and was not renewed. Still unsure of what she wanted to do with her life she looked around at the limited opportunities available for her in the employment market. She came across our job posting on linkedIn and applied. A week later she was invited for her first interview, after meeting her we could see her potential and called her back for a second interview. “The rest is history”. She has grown over the last year and we see a bright future in sales for her.

Keletso was the second intern that was given an opportunity to join our internship program. She started with us in 2018. She holds a Matric as well as a certificate in Business Administration. She was previously employed as a customer service clerk and developed an interest in customer service. On her quest to better herself she was on the lookout for a new challenge which would allow her to explore her abilities and skills further. She saw our advert on PNET looking for interns and knew immediately that this was something that could work for her. Three days after she applied for the post the opportunity for her first interview become a reality. During the interview she impressed us with her bubbly personality and was invited for a second interview. We were looking for just such a young person: confident, driven, passionate, ambitious and self-confident. Mentoring and training her, we are convinced, will result in another successful member for our team.

What does the future hold for our program?

2017 and 2018 have been a big learning curve period for ourselves learning much about how to best implement the internship program. We will continue to build up young people with full confidence of improving their futures and making a positive impact of their lives. At the same time adding valuable, well trained and loyal members to our management and employee team.

We are a young forward-thinking company with a passion for people and a desire to be known for providing top-notch service to our customers and for offering a support platform for the betterment of our employees.

So far we have had 5 interns with the program showing all the positive results we hoped for, we will continue to peruse this program and hopefully make our mark as a company that strives not just for profits but for adding to the community through training and employment opportunities to the youth of our country and so with our little help contributing to the betterment of our society and country.

To all the interns and the amazing Bearings 2000 family we say thank you all for going the extra mile to make this a success.

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