Elevating Industrial Maintenance Standards: The Power of SKF’s Quick Maintenance Review (QMR)

21 January, 2024

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Today’s competitive industrial landscape demands that companies maintain a leading edge. 

At Bearings 2000 (B2K), your trusted rotation specialist and authorised SKF distributor, we understand this imperative. That’s why we are dedicated to providing groundbreaking solutions to our clients, especially in the critical area of industrial maintenance. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is exemplified through the introduction of the SKF Quick Maintenance Review (QMR). 

QMR Explained

The QMR is a sophisticated, web-based self-assessment platform that serves as a key catalyst for industries aiming to streamline and optimise their maintenance strategies. 

By integrating QMR into their processes, businesses can ensure they stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industrial environment.

The QMR represents a paradigm shift in maintenance practices. Meticulously designed, it evaluates an organisation’s maintenance protocols across four critical domains: 

  • Mounting/dismounting practices, 
  • Lubrication, 
  • Alignment, and 
  • Basic condition monitoring. 

The QMR’s accessible and user-friendly features empower companies to conduct a comprehensive self-audit of their maintenance operations. After submitting their responses, the QMR’s advanced algorithm benchmarks them against global industry standards. 

This comparative analysis is not just a measure of performance but a strategic insight into a company’s maintenance status on an international scale. 

The platform produces a report that offers a granular analysis of maintenance competencies as well as areas for improvement.

The Report: A Strategic Visualisation of Maintenance Maturity

Beyond numerical data, the QMR report presents a radar chart that visually summarises a company’s maintenance maturity in the four key domains. It juxtaposes the company’s performance with that of peers in similar industries, offering a broader perspective on its maintenance efficacy.

Identifying and Improving Maintenance Capacities

The QMR’s analytical precision simplifies the task of pinpointing maintenance vulnerabilities. By leveraging SKF’s expertise, B2K stands prepared to assist our clients in improving these key areas. From incremental shifts in operational mindsets to the use of advanced equipment, our role is to help them improve their maintenance practices.

Case Study: Demonstrating Tangible Impact

Consider a client who, post-QMR assessment, identified mounting/dismounting and lubrication as critical focus areas. Strategic interventions and adherence to recommendations from a CNA-Lube audit resulted in significant uptimes within six months. As depicted in the charts below, an 18-month study showcased their exemplary performance, ultimately surpassing global averages in key maintenance parameters.

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Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

This success story emphasizes a key point: changing maintenance practices requires ongoing commitment and moving beyond traditional methods. It’s a journey marked by constant improvement and adaptability.

We invite you to redefine your maintenance strategies and join the leaders of industrial excellence. 

Partner with B2K to chart a course toward unrivaled maintenance proficiency.

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