Customer success story with COC

17 August, 2022

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We were recently called out to an aggregate plant in the Western Cape to find a solution to an issue on the client’s drive pulley on a secondary crusher conveyor.

Our findings were not only insightful but demonstrated the unsurpassed effectiveness and reliability of COC units.

The problem

The plant reported continuous failures on conventional UCP pillow block units. 

Following an inspection of the failed units, we discovered that there was an excessive radial load on the bearing due to tension and the weight of the product. 

In addition to this, the seals of the units were compromised due to over-lubrication thereof.

The alternatives

One might initially surmise that upsizing the stub shafts and inserting larger units would accommodate the higher load. 

However, on further inspection, we discovered that the underlying issue was that the conventional locking mechanism of the UCP pillow block (two grub screws fixed to the shaft) was allowing too much movement on the shafts.

Before & After

The solution

COC units have an effective CROSSLOC locking method with less potential to over or under drive the bearing up the taper owing to their internal spherical roller bearing.

The units also have superior sealing that purges excess grease in the case of over-greasing. As such, we concluded that this would be the optimal solution. 

After presenting the client with this option, B2K held a toolbox talk on employing the COC mounting procedure and the client subsequently agreed to a trial.

We submitted the relevant details such as fits and tolerances, and the client manufactured a new head pulley accordingly. 

 We additionally assisted with the first installation of these units and thereafter provided the client with training to implement this themselves in the future. 

Further to this, B2K provided the client with lubrication planning for the units.

Benefits of COC Spherical Units 

  • The reduced total cost of ownership when using a COC in contrast to a standard SN housing
  • Increased life span: Seal lips contact evenly at any angle and lithium complex grease maximises bearing operating life in harsh environments
  • Accessible: Off-the-shelf procurement
  • Versatile: 100% interchangeable with competitive SN & SAF products
  • Enhanced efficiency: Triple lip full contact seal ensures optimal levels of efficiency in dirty and wet conditions
  • Convenient: Our SRB units are shaft ready and are factory sealed, pre-lubricated, and assembled
  • Reduced downtime: Seamless mounting with the CrossLoc
  • Optimal efficiency: Operates at higher speeds and temperatures


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