Eat, Pray, Love…& Bearings.

10 February, 2019
— by Antonio Bucarizza

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After much deliberation, I decided to fulfil a fantasy that I’ve been having dreams and nightmares about for 20 years- move to Italy and make a life……for a couple of years.  The thought of continuing in a bespoke sales manager role was a crazy idea at first, however with the technology and the flexible and free-thinking management team at Bearings 2000 it became a possibility. I was grateful that I could continue to manage the Bearings 2000 head office sales team. There are several other benefits to this approach as when I return to the rainbow nation, I will be up to speed with all the clients, all the procedures and latest products as though I never even left. It also alleviates the pain and agony of having to find a replacement sales manager. Thanks to technology I am able to manage my team as though I was sitting in my office right next to theirs. I am just not able to throw the stapler at them if needed (-;

My average day begins with a carb heavy breakfast which is typical Italian style. Then the laptop and phone come out and I feel like I couldn’t be closer to the action back home, besides the fact that I smell coffee and not bearing grease. I also teach English part time in the evenings which is quite fulfilling knowing that I’m making a difference to some children.

I look forward to my return but for now I will live in the moment to make memories as this opportunity only comes around once in a lifetime.

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