Bearings 2000 Durban: Relocation Fuels Expansion

18 September, 2023

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Expanding Horizons

In the dynamic world of bearings and industrial solutions, growth is a testament to progress and customer satisfaction. 

We are thrilled to share that the Bearings 2000 Durban Hub has recently relocated to larger, more strategically positioned premises in Riverhorse Valley.

This transition reflects our unwavering commitment to better serve our valued customers.

Centralised Convenience in Riverhorse Valley

Our new location in Riverhorse Valley is more centrally located, enhancing accessibility for our customers. 

We understand that time is crucial in industrial operations, and this move places us in a central position to access our customers in the surrounding and outlying areas of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. 

More than Double the Stocking Capacity

One of the most significant advantages for our customers is the substantial increase in stock carrying capacity this move will allow for the region. 

With more than double the space, we can offer our customers an expanded range and quicker turnaround times on an ex stock basis. 

This means increased stock held in the region and access to a broader range of bearings, power transmissions, and seals for our customers.

Enhanced Safety in a Secured Office Park

Safety is paramount, and our new location in a secured office park ensures the well-being of all stakeholders. We prioritise a secure environment that instills confidence and peace of mind in both our customers and our team.

Improved Customer Service Experience 

The new premises feature an enhanced layout and infrastructure, enabling advanced warehouse management systems and technologies, resulting in faster, accurate handling of inventory, ultimately benefiting our customers.

Alex Stamatiadis, Operations Director, shares, “The new Durban hub facility sets the benchmark for Bearings 2000 branches. We reimagined branch operations, eliminating waste and inefficiencies, and harnessing our IT capabilities for regional success. We’ve achieved this and will soon introduce our improved branch operations system nationwide, with potential new locations on the horizon.”

The Backbone of B2K

The core focus remains to evolve around the ever-shifting needs of customers. Aiming to continuously introduce products and services that add more than just value, enhancing the customer’s journey at every point.

As the branch navigates the volatile industrial landscape, it remains anchored by enduring principles and an unrelenting commitment to clients.

B2K’s Managing Director, Ross Trevelyan, emphasises the value of the Durban branch’s team and culture, “Our team, diverse in experience, excels in understanding our clients and are pivotal to our success. Our dedication to a core value-based culture signifies our belief in crafting a community of excellence. The culture represents more than just work—it’s about trust, respect, authenticity, and adding value. Our focus is on recognising potential, fostering continuous learning and growth, as well as pushing the boundaries.”

A Step Towards the Future

This relocation is more than a change of address. It’s a strategic step towards the future. We are committed to delivering even greater value, efficiency, and service excellence to our customers. 

As Bearings 2000 Durban Hub embraces this exciting transition, we look forward to continuing to be your trusted partner in industrial solutions.

Ross adds, “Looking ahead, our mission remains clear: putting our customers at the heart of our evolution. We’re committed to enhancing our products and services, leveraging our strengths to expand our reach, and ensuring businesses benefit from our cutting-edge solutions. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey of growth and innovation. We can’t wait to serve you better in our new, enhanced environment.”

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