B2K solutions for the food processing industry

24 April, 2024

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B2K offers a comprehensive selection of products from industry leading brands for purpose-engineered machines that process food. 

These products are designed to withstand the rigours of the food industry, providing reliable performance in highly corrosive environments, while adhering to the strictest hygiene and safety standards.

These are the latest product offerings from B2K made explicitly for equipment used to process food:

SKF Food Line ball bearing units

These bearing units are designed for superlative bearing performance, even in the harshest processing and cleaning environments. They boast food-grade seals and lubricant and are corrosion-resistant and relubrication-free – “lubricated for life,” as SKF calls them. 

SKF Food Line spherical roller bearings

SKF Food Line spherical roller bearings are designed for exceptionally demanding applications. They are engineered with food-grade seals and grease to elevate safety standards in food processing machinery. These bearings offer three times longer service life, providing a reliable foundation for more efficient production and reduced maintenance requirements.

Flexon flat-top chains

The diverse Flexon range of flat-top chain options are designed for straight or curved tracks, offering a range of joint types, plate thicknesses, and materials. Whether crafted from steel, stainless steel or plastic, IWIS flat top chains stand out for their exceptional wear resistance and superior craftsmanship. Perfect for conveying food products, these chains are the epitome of quality and reliability, ensuring seamless operation.

B.dry maintenance-free stainless steel chains

These maintenance-free stainless steel chains, by IWIS, are a top choice for durability and reliability. They boast exceptional wear resistance, rustproof qualities, and remain completely dry throughout their use. The innovation lies in their construction, crafted from corrosion-resistant CF stainless steel and featuring an optimised bearing design alongside a specialised b.dry bush.

Flexon case conveyor chain CC600

IWIS case conveyor chains within the Flexon brand lineup are resilient and practical. These chains boast a sturdy, no-frills design ideal for challenging conditions.

Their open structure facilitates effortless removal of debris, ensuring smooth operation. Choose from cast steel, stainless steel, galvanised, or plastic options to suit your specific needs. They are locally manufactured in Johannesburg by B2K Engineering.

Contact Bearings 2000 to learn more about our bearing and drive solutions for the food processing industry.

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