B2K COMO program plays a crucial role in improving operational efficiency for poultry producer

18 July, 2023

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The situation

Our customer is a well-known poultry producer in South Africa. Despite their success, they grappled with premature failure and unplanned downtime on several components of their operations, posing challenges to their productivity.

Identifying the challenges

B2K was approached to assess the client’s needs in their rotation operations and offer our expertise. 

During our preliminary assessment, we noted the issues related to premature failure and unplanned downtime, which were detrimental to their production efficiency and overall performance.

Proposing the solution

Given the identified issues, B2K proposed a survey of the components and the implementation of a route-based condition monitoring (COMO) program. 

 This program aimed to enable a proactive approach to maintenance, moving away from reactive solutions that often resulted in downtime and costly repairs.

Implementation and partnership

Working closely with the client, a program was tailored to their specific needs and challenges. 

B2K is committed to collecting monthly vibration data, analysing it, and issuing on-going reports on the condition of the client’s assets.

Feedback sessions continue to be conducted regularly to ensure a clear understanding of the data and to proactively address any issues highlighted by the monitoring program. 

This process continues to lead to a strong partnership built on trust, information sharing, and a mutual objective to constantly improve asset performance and productivity.

Impact and results

Through the B2K COMO program, we continue to successfully prevent premature failures, avoiding the accompanying loss of production.

Furthermore, the monitoring program helps identify broken structures, balancing issues, and misalignment, enabling proactive solutions to these challenges.

By actively trending the performance of the assets with the collected monthly data, B2K and the client gained valuable insights into the operational health of the equipment. 

This has led to substantial reductions in unplanned downtime and lubrication-related issues, contributing to more efficient running of the components.

What’s more, the proactive maintenance approach helps to free up man hours to tend to other priority work, consequently optimising labor allocation. Notably, savings are also recorded in lubrication costs, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

The conclusion…

The B2K COMO program plays a crucial role in improving operational efficiency for the poultry producer. 

It has transformed their approach to maintenance from reactive to proactive, underscoring the value of preventative measures, regular monitoring, and active data analysis. 

This partnership exemplifies how B2K’s condition-based monitoring program can add value, highlighting the power of mutual trust, sharing of information, and common objectives in securing successful outcomes.

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