Bearings 2000 offer comprehensive customer training on entire range
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 08:09

Supported by Schaeffler South Africa, leading bearings and power transmission components distributor Bearings 2000 has officially opened purpose built training facilities for customers across its Johannesburg, Bethal and Cape Town branches, effective from October 2012.

Bearings 2000 marketing manager Michael Stamatiadis notes that the company identified a need to supply this value-added service to all local users of bearings and related products.  As authourised distributors of Schaeffler SA this includes courses based on its entire range of internationally recognised FAG and INA branded bearing products. 

Although a customer training service has always been informally available, Stamatiadis points out that the company made the decision to formalise the process to highlight the importance of understanding the fundamentals of all bearings' specifications.

"The success and survival of our company depends entirely on our customers' success, and we want to make sure that we offer more than just a product and service, but also the tools and information to ensure that our customer base constantly remains ahead of any potential challenges they may face in their respective industries ," he explains.

Schaeffler SA application engineer Tlhalefang  Mtombeni notes that the training courses provide value to the entire supply chain. "As an international company Schaeffler, requires a strong working relationship with a well-established local partner such as Bearings 2000 to ensure that the gap is filled between the OEMs and the end users spread across the countries."

Both Mtombeni and Stamatiadis point out that various important aspects such as handling, fitting and lubrication of bearings is often overlooked by clients, which ultimately results in unnecessary downtime, compromised safety and additional costs. Furthermore, they emphasize that clients need to be trained in methods of preventative maintenance in order to ensure that operational costs are kept as low as possible, especially in the tough financial climate that local and international companies are currently operating in.

"When our customers know more about the product they are buying, they will be more inclined to order the correct product the first time, thereby resulting in faster turnaround times and reduced down time. What's more, the correct maintenance and care of bearings will result in longer and more consistent life spans, in addition to improved stock and spares planning," Stamatiadis adds.

Bearings 2000 currently offers the following Schaeffler training courses;

Basic rolling bearing knowledge course
This course is offered to all buyers and users of bearings, and covers the different bearing types, sizes, applications and handling instructions.

Bearings mounting course
The incorrect mounting of bearings is one of the biggest causes of premature failure of bearings, which often results in unscheduled down time, cost of replacement and compromised safety standards. This course is aimed at bearing fitters, and includes theoretical and practical training.

Introduction to lubrication course
This course is vital in ensuring that the correct grease is used in optimum volumes at the correct intervals. With numerous greases and grease applicators on the market, Bearings 2000 offers courses to ensure optimal greasing for general and specific applications.

Tailor-made application engineering course
Customised to suit the customer's exact needs, this comprehensive training course is available onsite or at any of the Bearings 2000 facilities nationwide.

In addition to its training courses, Stamatiadis highlights the fact that Bearings 2000 also provides its own field engineers to train and advise customers on their specific onsite applications and fitting challenges. "Bearings 2000 is committed to service delivery excellence, and I believe that customer training and education is vital to ensuring that the best service is provided. To date, our training programme has been well received by the local market, and I am optimistic that it will not only retain existing customers, but attract new ones in the years to come," he concludes.